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Monty Python

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America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.
Tennessee Williams (1911-1983)

Continental people have sex lives; the English have hot-water bottles.
George Mikes (1912-1987)

Dublin is a city where you can see a sparrow fall to the ground, and God watching it.
Conor Cruise O'Brien (1917-2008)

Dublin University contains the cream of Ireland: rich and thick.
Samuel Beckett (1906-1989)

Happiness was Lubbock, Texas, in my rearview mirror.
Mac Davis (1942- )

Miami Beach is where neon goes to die.
Lenny Bruce (1926-1966)

New York: where everyone mutinies but no one deserts.
Harry Hirschfield (1885-1974)

New Zealanders who emigrate to Australia raise the IQ of both countries.
Robert Muldoon (1921-1992)

The people of Crete unfortunately make more history than they can consume locally.
H.H. Munro (Saki) (1870-1916)

What Made Milwaukee Famous Has Made A Loser Out Of Me
Glenn Sutton (1937-2007)

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