“My philosophy
like colour TV
is all there
in black and white”
Monty Python

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This collection of quotes started life in the early nineties for an After Dark™ screen saver module. The quotes had to be short enough to fit on a 9" Macintosh screen and pithy enough to warrant the trouble of typing them in.

To allow a wider distribution, a slow conversion to a text file was started (there was no easy way of exporting the quotes from After Dark) which in 1997 became this website. It was created using plain HTML which made updating a laborious process. It had a quite a bit of success but interest tapered off as there were no new additions. In 2009 the website was revamped to use a MySQL database to provide flexibility, a search option, and to slowly include new quotes found over the previous twelve years. Now twenty-six years old and still adding new quotes.

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 A proverb is the wit of one, and the wisdom of many. 
 No one is finally dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away… The span of someone's life is only the core of their actual existence. 
 A woman can only become a man's friend in three stages: first, she's an agreeable acquaintance, then a lover, and only after that a friend. 
 Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous; more dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without asking questions. 
I mostri esistono, ma sono troppo pochi per essere veramente pericolosi; sono più pericolosi gli uomini comuni, i funzionari pronti a credere e ad obbedire senza discutere.
 Sacred cows make the best hamburger.