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Enrique Peñalosa Londoño (born 30 September 1954) is a Colombian politician. He was the 798th mayor of Bogotá from 1998 until 2001 and elected again in 2015 for the 2016–2019 term. During his mayorship he developed five megaprojects: the bank of lands, the District's system of Parks (including the Bogotá's Bike Paths Network), the District's system of libraries, the Transmilenio mass transit system, and road construction and maintenance. He was prominently featured in the Panama Papers for use of off-shore corporations, arguing the use of the tax haven is no different from incorporating in Colombia.
 A developed city is not a place where the poor have cars, it's where even the rich use public transportation. 
Una ciudad avanzada no es en la que los pobres pueden moverse en carro, sino una en la que incluso los ricos utilizan el transporte público.

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