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Just one quote by Geoffrey Willans

Herbert Geoffrey Willans, RNVR, (4 February 1911 – 6 August 1958), an English writer and journalist, is best known as the creator of Nigel Molesworth, the “goriller of 3B” and “curse of St. Custard's”, as in the four books with illustrations by Ronald Searle. Molesworth first appeared in Punch in 1939, and later became the protagonist and narrator of four books: Down with Skool! (1953), How to be Topp (1954), Wizz for Atomms (1956) and, after Willans's death, Back in the Jug Agane (1959). All four were collected in The Compleet Molesworth. Comic misspellings, erratic capitalisation and schoolboy slang are threads running through all the books.
 History started badly and hav been getting steadily worse. 

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