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Picture of Ernest Dowson. This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published (or registered with the U.S. Copyright Office) before January 1, 1927.

Just one quote by Ernest Dowson

Ernest Christopher Dowson (2 August 1867 – 23 February 1900) was an English poet, novelist, and short-story writer who is often associated with the Decadent movement. Dowson is best remembered for three phrases from his poems: “Days of wine and roses” from the poem Vitae Summa Brevis, “Gone with the wind” from the poem Non Sum Qualis eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae, and “I have been faithful… in my fashion”, from Cynarae. Margaret Mitchell, touched by the “far away, faintly sad sound I wanted” in the first line of the third stanza of Cynarae, chose the line as the title of her novel Gone with the Wind.
 Absinthe makes the tart grow fonder. 

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