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❝My philosophy
like colour TV
is all there
in black and white❞
Monty Python

Quotes, Aphorisms, Laws, and Thoughts

Picture of Robert A. Heinlein. Photo by Dd-b, taken at the 1976 World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, at which he was the guest of honour.

Seven quotes by Robert A. Heinlein

Robert Anson Heinlein (7 July 1907 - 8 May 1988) was one of the most popular, influential, and controversial authors of science fiction of the 20th Century.

❝A committee is a life form with six or more legs and no brain.❞[+]

❝Cheops' Law: Nothing ever gets built on schedule or within budget.❞[+]

❝In a mature society, 'civil servant' is semantically equal to 'civil master'.❞[+]

❝Money is truthful. If a man speaks of his honour, make him pay cash.❞[+]

❝Most gods have the manners and morals of a spoiled child.❞[+]

❝Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.❞[+]

❝Taxes are not raised for the benefit of the taxed.❞[+]

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