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Only two quotes by Roy Campbell

Ignatius Royston Dunnachie Campbell, better known as Roy Campbell (2 October 1901 – 23 April 1957), was a South African poet, literary critic, literary translator, war poet, and satirist. He was considered by T. S. Eliot, Dylan Thomas and Edith Sitwell to have been one of the best poets of the period between the First and Second world wars. However, even during his lifetime, some critics denounced his poetry as bombastic, self-congratulatory and often clumsy and obvious in form. He is seldom found in anthologies today. Some literary critics claim that his connections to right-wing ideology, his support for the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War, and his willingness to antagonize the influential literati of his day damaged his reputation.
 South Africa, renowned both far and wide
For politics and little else beside. 
 Translations (like wives) are seldom strictly faithful if they are in the least attractive. 

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